About us

About us

The Amazing Hostel

We are a Mexican family who share a passion for traveling, we build and create our Hostel with our hearts, especially for you, based on our experience as travelers and backpackers around the world, combining the best ideas and concepts that we had in our trips and adventures, We know that the needs of backpackers and travelers are special, because we are part of this great community.

Feel the hospitality and the Mexican warmth, we want you to feel at home. We share a deep love for life and commitment to preserving nature and improving the environment.

Everyone is welcome, you will find a multicultural environment, regardless of race, religion, age or preference you have, here we are all part of a big family, come and see for yourself. Just come and stay once and you will always want to come back. Come and have an incredible experience.

You can contact us on the following phones:

Whatsapp: 52 (322) 150-4397

Telephone: +52 (329) 291-3688

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