What to eat?

What to eat?
The Espresso

Open from 6am to 6pm, the Espresso is a place for breakfast and brunch in front of the park on Revolución Street. This cafe is well known for offering a wide variety of coffee from different regions of Mexico, as well as several vegetarian food options and good breakfasts.


Open 5 pm-12am (closed Tuesdays), Bichos offers its specialty, quesadillas with handmade tortillas lots of cheese and can be ordered with meat, chicken or shrimp and has a wide variety of self-service sauces. Bichos is on Av. Del Palmar, the closest street that runs parallel to the beach in front of a huge tree known as the iguana sanctuary.

Choco Banana

Open 6 am-6pm, Chocobanana is a great breakfast spot for families with young children. Chocobanana is proof! This restaurant is on Calle Delfin.

Coffee on the Corner

Open, 7 am-3pm, Café en la Esquina (from Av. Del Palmar and Calle Pelícanos) is a great place to have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, with inexpensive home-style breakfasts.


Open 6 am-8pm, Paninos offers excellent breakfast sandwiches, chocolate croissants, and cinnamon rolls. Paninos is on Marlin Street, almost in front of the beach.

El Itacate

Open 1-9: 30pm, the Itacate has a wide range of tacos, including a great vegetarian selection. This restaurant is located on José Mariscal street, we recommend them!

Naty's Kitchen

Open 8:30 am-4pm, Naty's Cocina is a favorite with locals and visitors. Natty's is located on Avenida del Palmar a few steps from the plaza, offering a wide variety of home-style tacos and a variety of ingredients. The ideal place for lunch.

The Costeño

Open 12 pm-8pm, El Costeño offers seafood cocktails, shrimp, fish, and cooked tacos, as well as margaritas, beer, and wine. This restaurant is located on Calle Delfines in front of the beach.

Bar Don Pato

Open 8 pm-3am, Don Pato is a favorite with locals year-round. Don Pato is located on calle marlin (in the square) and the scene really starts at around 10pm with live music, a pleasant feeling of well-being in the atmosphere, the surroundings and the body.

La Rustica Sayulita

Open from 9am to 11pm, La Rustica is the perfect place if you're sick of tacos. Just a few steps from the main square on Revolucion street, this place is well known for its delicious pizzas with unique ingredients.


Open 11 am-11pm, this Mexican food restaurant is a great lunch and dinner spot for seafood lovers. Emiliano’s is on Av. Revolución.

Chile Relleno

Open 4 pm-12am, this restaurant is well known for having the best chile rellenos in town. Chile Rellenos and Margaritas are also highly recommended. It is located in Av. Revolución.

Mr. Pedro

Open 9 am-11pm, Don Pedro is right on the beach under a giant thatched palapa. From the restaurant you have a great view of the ocean and the jungle in the background.

Miscellaneous Sayulita

Open 8 am-3pm, Sayulita miscellany is pulled down an alley on José Mariscal Street. This cafe is a great place to get some work done and is well known for the variety of flavors of cold beer it offers.


Open 8 am-5pm, Orangy is well known for its smoothies. Located on José Mariscal Street, Orangy is a great stop after surfing in the morning and throughout the afternoon.


Open 8 am-5pm, Organi-k is the perfect stop if you are looking for a healthy food restaurant. Organic-K is located on José Mariscal Street, across the bridge from the city center.

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